Naval Base Ventura County Protects West Coast, Houses Navy Operations

February 1, 2014

Lloyd G. LeClain spent much of his career serving in the United States Navy, where he reached the rank of captain. Lloyd G. LeClain’s wife also served in the Navy for over 30 years. In recognition of his continued support of the U.S. Navy community, a classroom at the Naval Readiness Center at Naval Base Ventura County in California is dedicated to Captain LeClain.

One of Southern California’s largest military bases, Naval Base Ventura County encompasses three major facilities: Point Mugu, Port Hueneme, and San Nicolas Island. Over 19,000 people work on the base, and over 80 commands, including three warfare centers, occupy space there.

The base’s deployable units include the Pacific Seabees, the Navy’s construction force who also have a museum on site. Additionally, four Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadrons operate from Naval Base Ventura County, where they run the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye, a surveillance and command aircraft.

Amenities on the base include medical and dental facilities, a movie theater, and a commissary open seven days a week.


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