As an undergraduate, Lloyd G. LeCain served as a midshipman at the Texas Maritime Academy at Texas A&M University. Following graduation, Lloyd G. LeCain became an officer in the United States Navy, retiring with the rank of captain.

The Texas A&M Maritime Academy allows cadets to combine classroom learning with practical experience aboard an operating vessel. The school year involves on-campus study and field training, which leads to a summer sail aboard the General Rudder, an official training ship. The program incorporates a number of programs tailored for each cadet’s individual career aspirations, which may include engineering, maritime licensing, or officer status in the US military or Merchant Marine.

Cadets interested in careers as officers may choose to enter the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) as midshipmen. These students must complete all requirements for their bachelor’s degrees as well as specified additional coursework. Cadets may also pursue standing in the Strategic Sealift Officer’s (SSO) Program of the NROTC, a highly selective program sponsored by the Navy and Merchant Marine.

Non-NROTC cadets may enter the program to pursue maritime licenses. Students interested in engineering may choose to become licensed as third assistant engineers in the Merchant Marine, while others may apply for licenses as third mates. A cadet who successfully completes the third mate’s or deck’s license may opt to serve as an officer in the Merchant Marine, Naval Reserve or Coast Guard Reserve.